Worcester Community Homes

worcester community homes

SMS Text communication with Tenants

· Rent Arrears

· Repairs and Maintenance

· Tenant Self Service

· SMS named as “Strength” in Audit Report

· 4,500 Properties

· Gained efficiency savings in Rents and Repairs


Worcester Community Homes gained an excellent result in their Audit Commission Inspection following adoption of Deeplake’s Communications Manager to assist in tenant engagement and drive ef?ciency gains. The system has been implemented in rent management and repairs and plans are afoot for future expansion of the SMS service.


Rated as ‘Two Star with promising prospects’ following an inspection by the Audit Commission. In 2009, Prime Minister Gordon Brown congratulated WCH on being one of the ?rst 100 organisations in the country to achieve the government’s new Customer Service Excellence (CSE) standard.


Tenant Communication – improved access and effciency savings

WCH uses Deeplake’s Communications Manager to communicate with tenants via SMS in a range of areas, including Rent Arrears Management and Repairs and Maintenance.


Craig Garrington of the WCH ICT team commented, “We use SMS text with tenants in several areas including rent arrears to remind tenants of outstanding payments, but also the self-service function which allows tenants to inquire on their rent balances via SMS text, which is regularly used.”


The system has improved customer access, and has also helped WCH to gain ef?ciency savings, by reducing costs in rent collection and repairs.


Craig was closely involved in implementing the Communications Manager system. He said, “We have been very pleased with Deeplake’s Communications Manager Software. The product is very reliable, and does exactly what it says  on the tin. The product is so easy to con?gure.


Audit Commission Inspection Boost WCH’s adoption of Deeplake’s Communication Manager has paid dividends in their services and inspection rating. The National Audit Commission Inspection report for WCH stated: “We found the service to be good because customers can access services in a wide variety of ways and WCH is making good use of modern methods of communication.”


WCH’s proactive approach to gaining tenant feedback to improve customer service was also mentioned in the inspection report: “WCH actively seeks and acts on customer feedback to improve services, and customer satisfaction with services  has improved. Use of modern methods of communication widens choice and increases convenience for customers, who can access information and services at a time and place that suits them.”