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Version 7.1 Communication Manager

Designed for GDPR compliance


One of the biggest changes to UK data privacy law comes into effect on 25th May 2018. Deeplake Digital has developed Communication Manager (CMGR) v7.1 specifically to meet GDPR regulations.


Analytics Technology

Analytics are a great tool that more and more businesses are taking advantage of, identify opportunities, make informed business decisions , improve company processes and target potential customers with informed data.

Web Surveys

New module - Web Surveys

Drive engagement forward with Deeplake Web Surveys - a digital survey platform that elevates your customer service. Create and send personalised surveys to target demographics, analyse responses at each stage and use this insight to build meaningful relationships.
Reduce SMS costs and capture tenants attention with graphics and smart questions for higher response rates.


Simple click map features

Housing associations manage a vast amount of property spread over multiple locations, sometimes this means you may need to target tenants living in specific areas. We have created a simple draw selection tool, which allows you to select multiple areas with just a click.



New scheduling features enable you to easily create automated messages and workflows

User friendly

User friendly dashboard

The upgrade also gives you the ability to add or take away widgets and reports you see on your dashboard, allowing employees to personalise according to their job role.

Fast loading

Fast loading

Faster loading means you spend less time waiting for things to load and more time being efficient.


Messaging features

Enhance customer experience by communicating with your tenants through multiple platforms. Quick message options allows you send bulk messages effortlessly.

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