Tenant Engagement

Every Landlord wants to see Tenants engaged and communicating openly. Everything works more smoothly, whether trying to gain feedback to improve services, or being aware that a Tenant has income or benefit problems, or simply trying to arrange and manage maintenance appointments.

Digital Engagement has additional benefits though.....

  • Digital Communication is cheaper than person-to-person contact, giving budget savings
  • Enabling Self Service systems allows Tenants more control, and can reduce the landlords workload
  • Digital services can be easily made available 24 x 7 - increasing your service window at no additional cost
  • Data Quality improves where Tenants can see, and correct, the data you hold about them

         Message Costs

Deeplake's Digital Engagement platform enhances your Housing Management System with a range of digital communication options....from Self Service and Appointment Reminders via SMS, through to Smartphone Self Service Apps and Tenant Customer Web Portal. Uniquely with Deeplake all digital channels are integrated, with consistent data and security, and a single point of proven integration with your Housing applications.

The following are examples of how our Digital technology can enhance your customer engagement, quickly and cost-effectively.

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Customer Surveys and Event Management

Simple to use surveys and mass tenant selection and communication can be used across a wide range of departments and areas. Deeplake Communication Manager is unique in making your tenant information accessible, simply.


Self Service Portal for Tenants and Field Officers

Simple self-service reduces costs, gives tenants control and visibility, and allows staff instant access to customer information when they need it.


Digital Channels

One of the unique benefits of Communication Manager is its' support for all major Digital Channels. Ten years ago contact via SMS and Email was sufficient for many customer needs, but the growth in use of Smartphones and Social Media requires most sophisticated tools if landlords are to engage with the modern tenant. Happily, Deeplake have made this simple by supporting all major Digital Channels, with Landlords simply choosing which channels they wish to deploy.


All Social Media Channels       Customer Portal