Housing and Asset Management

Managing Property and Estates efficiently is at core of every successful Landlords' operations. Automating many of the typical communications with tenants and contractors, especially around maintenance activities, reduces costs and improves services. Cost reductions can be dramatic with call costs of around £3 - £6 (Gartner Group) compares with a few pence for automated SMS or even less with Social Media.

Communication Manager can help you arrange repair and Gar Servicing appointments, control and track contractors, carry out satisfaction surveys at very low cost, and reduce no-shows and workforce flexibility. See some typical uses in the videos below, where Deeplake help over 130 Social Landlords streamline their Housing Management processes.

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Streamline Repairs Reporting

Digital reporting of repairs can streamline processes, increase accuracy and reduce mistakes, and reduce Housing Management costs.


Repairs Appointment and Satisfaction Survey

With digital engagement tools it's possible to remind customers of appointments, track the start and end of contractors jobs without special equipment, and carry out very low cost satisfaction surveys without the expense and inconvenience of paper forms.


Housing Officer Information on the Move

Making customer information available to Housing officers on the move improves efficiency and customer service. Communication Manager uses your Housing Application Data, streamlining visits and improving data quality and staff productivity.


Housing and Asset Management Modules

Repairs Management

Tenants can report repairs, repair reminders can be generated, and contractors can report job progress and completion with customer satisfaction surveys automatically triggered and carried out.

Two-way conversations can be automated between tenants, contractors and Housing staff, reducing calls and paperwork in the repairs process.

Gas Servicing and Planned Maintenance

Allows scheduled notification of works using data from the Asset Management or Housing Database. Two-way communication helps avoid no-shows plus simple job completion by SMS or Smartphone helps track job progress, with automated surveys after the work. Spot problems quickly, and ensure tenants are fully aware of events.

ASB, Complaints and Compliments

A picture is worth a thousand words, and ASB reporting by mobile allows tenants to record problems and report in a structured way via smartphone or even SMS text. Automated workflows notify relevant departments and feed reports and messages into the Housing database.