Rent and Income Management

Income Management is a key function for every Landlord and effective Digital Engagement can dramatically improve customer communication and improve key areas such as arrears collection. Deeplake Communication can assist with Income Management is a number of ways. The following section show some of the popular features of Deeplake Communication Manager for Rents and Income Collection.

In addition to Automated Chasing and payment engine, our Tenant Portal helps Tenants to keep abreast of the their rent position, view online statements and letters, and better manage their tenancy with you in real-time.

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1. Automated Reminders and Self Service

Communication Manager supports much more than just SMS....Email, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and iMessage can be used to make services as accessible by tenants as possible. A wide range of conversations and information services can be automated, with responses easily tailored to match your business processes. Income team managers can change processes and messages in seconds if required, making Communication Manager the most flexible and easy-to-use solution available.


2. Identify and Analyse Arrears and Trends

With our RentTrend module for Arrears Trending, you can identify Arrears positions and generate trend reports quickly and easily, identifying problems and initiating arrears processes more quickly. Rent Trend allow you to quickly generate arrears recommendation lists based on income codes, arrears value, or any combination of fields held in your Housing database. Want to select a specific geographical area? or select non-technical arrears that have increased over the last 90's simple and quick to do with graphical results that can be exported instantly or used to initiate automatic chasing processes with just a few mouse clicks.

Deeplake Rent Trend is the most flexible and easy to use Arrears Trending solution now available for landlords, and costs just a fraction of some competitive products.


3. Automated Chasing and Mobile Payments

With Communication Manager Payment Gateway, Tenants can pay via Mobile Phone, anywhere and 24 hours a day. Maximise your income collection by providing maximum convenience for your tenants. Payment collection by mobile offers very low transaction costs, and can also be scheduled as a potential alternative to costly failing Direct Debits. The real-time nature of payment reminders by mobile means a failed attempted payment can be notified in real-time to the income team, so that the tenant can be contacted immediately to resolve the problem and ensure payments are made.



Income Management Modules

Rents and Arrears

Accelerate rent collection with a set of automated communication processes for the Rent department. Pre-built transactions include Rent Balance Enquiry, Letter One, Letter Two, Notice of Seeking Possession and Court Proceeding notifications.

Rent Arrears Trending

Streamlining the rent chasing cycle, the Rent Arrears Trending module provides instant and graphical analysis of rent arrears data, from which automated Letter One or chasing messages can be instantly sent.

In conjunction with the Mobile Payment Gateway,Communication Manager Rent Modules provide a powerful set of tools to identify, chase and collect rent income.