RCT Homes reduces waiting lists

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SMS Text communication with Tenants

· 11,000 properties in Wales

· Repairs and Maintenance

· Customer Surveys

· Rent and Income Management

· Disaster Recovery

· Reducing Waiting Lists

· 4,500 Properties

· Gained efficiency savings in Rents and Repairs


Properties were filled in days when RCT started to use Deeplake’s Communication Manager to promote vacant housing to people on waiting lists in nearby regions.


The forward thinking housing association is using the technology in a number of innovative ways, and has a range of future plans to further utilise the system.


RCT Homes is Wales’s largest social landlord, with  nearly 11,000 homes  on more than 60 housing estates and in 27 sheltered housing schemes.


RCT Homes operates a contact centre for tenants to report repairs or make enquiries.


Deeplake’s Communication Management system has been implemented to enable tenants to send enquiries via SMS and be assured that they will be dealt with.


“Tenants can text ‘CUST’ + their query to the contact centre and it will be added to our email queue,” explains Alun Dowling, Head of ICT at RCT Homes. “Our customer service staff can deal with the enquiry and send a response to the tenant via SMS or email, or if the query requires discussion or a more complex explanation, they will call them with the information"


RCT Homes manages properties on more than 60 estates, and the popularity of different areas varies. It occasionally occurs that a property will become available in an area with no waiting list for housing.


“We don’t want properties standing empty, especially when people are waiting for homes in other areas,” says Alun. “We have started sending out SMS alerts about available homes to people who are on waiting lists in other nearby areas. This has been incredibly successful and the properties have been ?lled within days.”


Tenant engagement

“As a Community Mutual, we want our tenants to become members and become involved in the running of the association,” says Alun. “Although we have around 1200 members and are growing all the time, these people tend to be in the older demographic. We wanted a way to engage younger tenants and get them involved.“Using Deeplake’s Communication Manager we have been running a campaign called ‘Word on the Street’, to get our younger tenants to connect and become part of the community. We are encouraging them to make a 20-second video on their phone telling us about their neighbourhood, and then text ‘WORD’ to our team to receive instructions on how to send their ?lm to us. We will judge the videos on 31 August, and give the three best entries the opportunity to make a professional short ?lm about their area.”


“Deeplake’s system is great for us as we are driving improvements across the board and it provides a simple way to empower our staff and offer new services to tenants, all in one package.”