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London & Quadrant joins CMGR Community

London & Quadrant joins CMGR Community

?In one of the largest Housing Associations in the UK with over 50,000 properties under management. CMGR has been chosen to enable SMS workflow functionality in L&Q's highly functional Housing Management System - Arena, developed in house by L&Q. CMGR was integrated and operational within weeks for a recent conference and Deeplake are delighted to partner with London & Quadrant in this project.

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Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council Chooses Communication Manager

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council Chooses Communication Manager

We are delighted Communication Manager has been selected as the SMS text platform by Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council, working in conjunction with our valued partner, Orchard Information Systems.

WHBC offer a wide range of Housing services including Council Houses, Affordable Homes, Garages and Private Housing and Communication Manager will provide a cost effective and efficient means of communicating with tenants and citizens, and increase tenant feedback and participation.

For more information, contact or Orchard Information Systems.

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Committed to Ayrshire with Communication Manager

Committed to Ayrshire with Communication Manager

Working with SDM Housing, Deeplake are providing the market leading SMS communications software, integrated with the SDM Housing database.

Implementation of Communication Manager will allow Ayrshire Housing to streamline Rent management, Repairs Management and ad-hoc tenant communications. The huge growth in mobile phone usage across the UK and Scotland makes SMS a great way to include tenants in sharing information, but also to get feedback.

Said Jane Fletcher Deeplake Account Manager, "We are delighted to be working with SDM and Ayrshire on this exciting project, and bringing the latest communicaitons technology to the residents of Ayrshire". 

Ayrshire Housing combines high quality housing with a commitment to community initiatives, working in partnership with public and voluntary agencies, and communities across Ayrshire.

A major provider of affordable housing in attractively designed and maintained neighbourhoods. The quality of developments has been recognised with many awards and commendations, by providing a friendly and responsive service to tenants, applicants and the wider community.

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Newington Housing chooses CMGR with SDM

Newington Housing chooses CMGR with SDM

Newington Housing Association in Belfast has selected Deeplake CMGR, integrated with the SDM Housing management system, to enable SMS and email communication with its tenants and employees. Providing features such as SMS and email surveys, rent reminders, repair appointment confirmations and a range of "self-service" transactions where tenants can request information by SMS text such as their rent balance, CMGR improves customer service whilst reducing operating costs.

Deeplake are delighted to work in close partnership with SDM to provide easy-to-deploy and ready-configured technology to the sector.

Newington Housing Association is voluntary based charitable organisation created in 1975 to: "Carry on for the benefit of the community, the business of providing housing and any associated amenities for persons in necessitous circumstances upon terms appropriate to their means."

It is run by a Board of Management made up of voluntary members with a breadth of qualifications and experience. NHA have around 400 individual units of housing accommodation in management and operate a joint partnership arrangement with De Paul Trust in managing Mater Dei homeless family hostel consisting of 15 self contained apartments. Individual housing units include single and double apartments, maisonettes, housing for the elderly and general family houses.

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Cardiff Community Housing Launches SMS for Tenants

Cardiff Community Housing Launches SMS for Tenants

We are delighted that CCHA have chosen to implement our IBS-integrated tenant communication solution for SMS and email. Deeplake are IBS's exclusive SMS communications partner with the most powerful and easy to use tenant communications tool Communications Manager or CMGR.

CMGR will be implemented across a range of areas in CCHA to simultaneously improve tenant services and reduce the wasted cost of many traditional letter and telephone communications.

CCHA was established in 1996 and is an Industrial and Provident Society with charitable status, formed when Adamsdown Housing Association and Moor Housing Association decided to merge. Between them, Adamsdown and Moors have been providing homes in Cardiff for over 30 years. CCHA are a non-profit organisation that is registered and are supervised by the Welsh Assembly Government.
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Scottish Borders Housing Association has selected CMGR

Scottish Borders Housing Association has selected CMGR to implement automated SMS communication with Tenants. SMS will be used for improving Tenant information, in addition to providing Rent Arrears communications and notification of Repairs Appointments.

Scottish Borders Council transferred its housing stock and landlord functions to Scottish Borders Housing Association (SBHA) on 3rd March 2003. SBHA currently has around 5,990 properties with 5,697 general needs properties and 293 units of sheltered housing.

SBHA's stock is well distributed throughout the area but there are concentrations in Hawick, Galashiels and Selkirk. The Association does not own any properties in the Berwickshire area as the former Berwickshire District Council carried out a Large Scale Voluntary Stock Transfer to Berwickshire Housing Association in 1995.

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Orchard Users Pilot Deeplake SMS Integration with ArcHouse

Orchard Users Pilot Deeplake SMS Integration with ArcHouse               

A new SMS pilot programme, run in partnership with Orchard and Deeplake to demonstrate the benefits of Deeplake's Communications Manager (CMGR) for tenant communications, starts early 2010 with around 10% of Orchard ArcHouse Users participating. The pilot demonstrates the benefits of Deeplake's CMGR with the additional integration features of Orchard Housing's"Communicator" functions.

The functions which are included in the Pilot are Rent Arrears ManagementRepairs ManagementSurveys, and Ad-Hoc communication with tenants.
If you use Orchard ArcHouse or ArcHouse Plus, and are interested in seeing the benefits of SMS communication live, contact your Orchard account manager or for more information.

Contact us now as places are limited for one of the most exciting launches of 2010!
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Worthing Homes Launches SMS Messaging for Tenants

Worthing Homes Launches SMS Messaging for Tenants

Worthing Homes has selected the leading SMS communication platform from Deeplake to enable communication via mobile phones with tenants.

Mobile communication is now widely used by tenants of all ages and all social groups and increasingly as a replacement for landline phones. Deeplake SMS integrates with the Housing Management System providing seamless communication and robust operation and support.

As an independent social business working with local people and partners, Worthing Homes puts its energy into creating places where people want to live and investing in services as well as homes.

In the ten years since we began, Worthing Homes have built more than 400 new homes, launched an award-winning neighbourhood project and worked toward building strong communities.

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Parkway Green Housing Trust chooses CMGR

Parkway Green Housing Trust chooses CMGR

We are delighted to work with partners Capita to deliver integrated SMS and email communication for Parkway Green's tenants with Capita Open Housing.

Follwoing a pilot deployment focussed on Repairs and general communication, CMGR will allow low-cost and convenient communication across a range of areas.

Parkway Green Housing Trust is a not-for-profit 'local housing company' that took ownership of 6,000 Wythenshawe homes from Manchester City Council in October 2006 across Baguley, Brooklands, Newall Green, Northenden, Northern Moor.

Council tenants in the area voted overwhelmingly for the change in a ballot in November 2005.Parkway Green was created by tenants' reps and the City Council to deliver an exciting package of home improvements, and top-notch housing services - like ordering repairs and collecting rent. It's a completely separate and independent body; although it works in partnership with the council on many issues - like tackling antisocial behaviour.

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London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

Deeplake are delighted to have been selected to provide SMS services using Deeplake CMGR in partnership with Capita Software Services to the London Borough or Barking and Dagenham.

Deeplake and Capita partner to provide an integrated solution for automated contact with tenants and residents using SMS and email. This allows many common communications to be carried out without need for printing and sending letters or making phone calls.

Ben Riches, Technical Director of Deeplake commented "The increase in convenience for tenants and residents is invariably commented on whenever CMGR is installed. Tenants like being able to enquire on rent balances and other commonly requested information using SMS text - just like tenants contact each other today".

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Family Housing (Wales) chooses Deeplake and Capita

Family Housing (Wales) chooses Deeplake and Capita

Family Housing joins the many Capita customers to add SMS tenant communication to their Capita Housing Management software. Providing a seamless extension of the Capita Housing software and allowing two-way automated SMS communications, plus the ability for tenants to provide feedback via their mobile phones.

Deeplake CMGR is the integrated and approved solution for all Capita Housing Software and we are delighted to work with Family Housing on this exciting project.

Family Housing Association (FHA) was established in 1975 as a non profit-making organisation. It provides high quality, affordable homes and services and now manages over 2,000 properties throughout the Swansea, Carmarthenshire and Neath Port Talbot areas providing homes to meet the differing housing needs of a wide variety of people.

Family Housing Association (Wales) Ltd has charitable status and is affiliated to the National Federation of Housing Associations and Community Housing Cymru.

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Waverley Borough Council Choose Communication Manager

Waverley Borough Council Choose Communication Manager

In partnership with Orchard Housing we are delighted that Waverley Borough Council have chosen Deeplake Communication Manager (CMGR) to provide automated tenant communication using SMS text.

Deeplake CMGR is the leading solution for SMS communication and following a successful pilot project, CMGR linked with Orchard Housing will help provide a range of enhanced, yet cost saving, services to the tenants of Waverley's 5,000 housing stock.

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Wulvern Joins the CMGR Community

We are delighted to welcome Wulvern Housing to the CMGR user community. Wulvern is the largest Housing Association in South Cheshire providing homes and services for over 11,000 customers.

Wulvern are committed to providing homes fit for the future along with the support services that our customers need. Deeplake are committed to working with Wulvern to improve services even further for a successful partnership.

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