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Two Castles adopts SMS with Deeplake and Capita

Two Castles adopts SMS with Deeplake and Capita

We are delighted that Two Castles Housing Association has adopted the Deeplake SMS solution Communications Manager, allowing two-way SMS communication with tenants.

Integrated with Capita's Housing Management solutions, Communications Manager allows tenants to provide feedback by SMS, as well as receive instantaneous communication of rent and repairs information.

Operating in the Border Counties between Scotland and England and with over 3,400 properties, we have offices in Carlisle, Kendal, Whitehaven and Newcastle, and are committed to supporting the regeneration and sustainability of our villages, towns and cities.
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Yorkshire Coast Homes Choose Deeplake

Yorkshire Coast Homes Choose Deeplake

Deeplake are delighted to announce the selection of CMGR by Yorkshire Coast Homes to further improve communication with their tenants and drive improved efficiency and reduced costs.
Deeplake CMGR improves tenant satisfaction and reduces costs by enabling many common communications in Rents, Repairs, Surveys and other areas to be carried out using efficient modern communication such as SMS text, email and Twitter. These methods are lower cost than telephone calls and posted letters, but also more convenient and faster.

Yorkshire Coast Homes Housing Association managed 4000+ homes in the North Yorkshire area. In 2003 Scarborough Borough Council tenants decided to transfer from the local authority to this new, independent organisation. On transfer, a full improvement programme was begun to bring the homes up to the Government's Decent Homes standard.

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Thames Valley Housing
Deeplake welcomes Shettleton Housing

North Glasgow HA help make the area a great place to live, learn, work, visit and invest in.

North Glasgow Housing Association SMS

North Glasgow Housing Association (soon to be known as nghomes) has selected Deeplake Communication Manager working with Capita Housing.

Deeplake's paltform will allow rent and repairs data to be communicated with tenants using two-way SMS, streamlining communications and reducing costs, but also improving accessibility to information and customer service.

Deeplake is delighted to be working with North Glasgow (NGHomes) and partnered with Capita Housing.

North Glasgow HA help make the area a great place to live, learn, work, visit and invest in.

At NGHomes, customers are at the heart of the business and they aim to deliver customer service excellence. Customers include tenants, factored owners, local residents, community groups, partner organisations and other stakeholders. NGHomes is committed to providing first class services that are efficient, effective and responsive to customer's needs.

Providing housing and support services to tenants and owners in the Springburn, Balornock, Possilpark and Parkhouse areas of North Glasgow, the website provides information about services, latest news and what's happening in your community.

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Apex Housing Selects Deeplake and Capita

Apex Housing Selects Deeplake and Capita

Apex Housing, a leading provider of Social Housing in Northern Ireland, and customer of Capita Housing, has this month selected Deeplake Communications Manager to further extend it's technology portfolio from Capita Housing.

Deeplake's SMS technology is seamlessly integrated with Capita's Housing Management Systems and provides an excellent solution to improving tenant communication that is robust and seamless.

With a combined workforce of over 500 employees, the Apex Group provides voluntary housing and support local communities within Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. Through the sharing of resources, a professional housing service now operates in both jurisdictions. Professionalism is transferable within the group to support housing provision wherever it is needed irrespective of borders.

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Network Housing Group Adopt Mobile Technology by Deeplake

Network Housing Group Adopt Mobile Technology by Deeplake

In a prestigeous new project, Network Housing Group have adopted the Deeplake communications technology suite of advanced SMS technology, plus Smartphone applications to communicate with tenants.

Deploying Deeplake's leading NET, SQL based technology integrated with the Northgate Housing Management platform, provides a powerful tenant communication platform with future flexibility to add and extend features to meet tenant and other stakeholder requirements.

Network Housing Group, established in 1974, is a group of six registered housing providers and an independent resident consultancy. The Group collectively owns and manages over 17,500 homes across London and the South East. Our aim is to provide the maximum number of homes and provide the best value for money to support our residents and neighbourhoods.

The Group is committed to providing good quality homes, with a variety of tenures, to meet customer aspirations. It is also committed to supporting and investing in communities and to developing thriving neighbourhoods. The Group places it's tenants and customers at the heart of everything it does and is proud of involving them in it's operations. 

Network Housing Group provides strategic leadership and co-ordination, development and corporate services to it's seven members.

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Deeplake the Winner in Larger HA's

Deeplake the Winner in Larger HA's

Deeplake announced last week that 25% of Social Landlords with over 8,000 properties have chosen Deeplake CMGR as their platform for SMS Tenant Communication and Self Service.

Deeplake's CMGR is unique in providing a fully configurable, two-way platform to manage tenant communication and provide a wide range of self service functions.

Offering a 30-fold return on investment, electronic communication facilitated by CMGR offers an immediate payback in cost savings and customer service. 

David Seaton of Flagship Housing with 20,000 properties under management commented of their efficiency pprogramme:

"we decided that Deeplake’s SMS system would become a key component, and it has now reduced repair demand costs to a few pence per transaction. It’s a huge cost saving and represents real value for money."

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Repairs SMS at Adur District Council

Repairs SMS at Adur District Council

Adur District Council has extended it's tenant communication with the Communication Manager Repairs module, updating tenants by SMS for a range of Repairs communication such as appointment notification and reminders.

Deeplake SMS solutions are fully integrated with Orchard's Housing Management software solutions, offering a seamless integration for Social Landlords using Orchard Hosuing or the ArcHouse solutions.

Working with Orchard since 2009, Deeplake offers a simple, plug-and-play solution to tenant communication.

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SMS for Your Homes Newcastle

SMS for Your Homes Newcastle

Your Homes Newcastle, following an extended pilot, has adopted Deeplake Communications Manager to facilitate efficient communications with staff, tenants and contractors. Your Homes Newcastle join our many customers using the Northgate Housing Management System to improve server and streamline costs using electronic communication.

Ths project is a significant investment for the Association but provides a rapid payback by removing manual intervention from a number of processes, whilst also improving customer service. 

Your Homes Newcastle are an Arms Length Management Organisation (ALMO) responsible for managing council homes on behalf of Newcastle City Council. Set up in 2004 to manage council properties, Your Homes Newcastle improves housing in order to meet the Government’s Decent Homes standard, and to provide a range of support services for Newcastle City Council.

YHN currently manage 26,700 council homes on behalf of Newcastle City Council, 1,800 homes on behalf of the Byker Community Trust, and 330 homes on behalf of Leazes Homes in addiiton to managing 1,500 leasehold properties on behalf of Newcastle City Council and the Byker Community Trust.

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New Partner MWL Systems

New Partner MWL Systems

We're delighted to sign a new partner agreement with MWL Systems to provide integrated communications services using Deeplake Communication Manager with MAVIS Property Works Management System and VISION. A large number of MAVIS functions can be enhanced with tenant communication, and Communication Manager is the leading industry platform to enable this.

MWL Systems offers a wide range of services to Social Housing providers. The flagship software product, known as MAVIS, interfaces with all leading Housing Management Systems and Deeplake Communication Manager. MAVIS primary purpose is to control the issuing and tracking of responsive repairs using mobile devices. Additional modules include van stock, fire safety checks, risk assessments and asset management.
As a leading enterprise technology partner with Microsoft and VMware, systems engineers at MWL design, deploy and support complex infrastructure and platform projects including virtualisation and Business Continuity Solutions.

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Leeds Federated choose CMGR V5

Leeds Federated choose CMGR V5

We are delighted that Leeds Federated have chosen CMGR V5 as a strategic SMS platform. Key criteria includes use of automated repairs appointment reminders with workflow and the portability of any SMS numbers used in future. Leeds Federated manage a stock of over 4,000 properties using MIS Housing Management System.

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Ocean Housing chooses Deeplake

Ocean Housing chooses Deeplake

We're delighted that Ocean Housing have selected Deeplake Communication Manager as their tenant communication platform. Communication Manager offers fully automated two-way communication by SMS, Facebook, Twitter, email and Tenant Smartphone app, allowing the most efficient two-way communications with tenants in a wide range of areas.

Areas where Communication offers standard features include Rent Management, Estate Management, Repairs Management, Surveys, Lone Working and Resident Involvement.

Ocean Housing, in St Austell Cornwall provides affordable homes for local residents to Rent or Homebuy. Ocean has invested almost £200 million into the local economy, building new houses and improving existing homes for over 4,000 families.
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