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Mobile Working Made Simple!

Deeplake announces the launch of the Communication Manager, Web Client, allowing mobile workers to easily browse and view tenant data, and communicate easily with tenants on the move.

Simply launching the Web-Based CMGR app on any mobile device, allows browsing, search and selection and reporting of data from your Housing Management System, without costly upgrades or special devices. Fully resizable and responsive for your devices, Web Client can be up and running very quickly, and is simple to use.

Available on any Internet device, including Mobile Phones, Android and Apple tablets, or touchscreen Windows devices. Fully hosted and managed by Deeplake…a simple and cost effective solution to giving your Housing Staff secure access to tenant data…on the move!



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Radcliffe Housing Society and Omniledger

Radcliffe Housing Society and Omniledger

We are delighted to welcome Kent based Radcliffe Housing Society to the Deeplake community, working closely with one of our leading partners Omniledger.

Deeplake's CMGR will be deployed, fully-integrated with Omniledger, to streamline communication with tenants and further improve efficiency and customer service. The use of posted paper as a means of communication is increasingly dated, environmentally unfriendly, time-consuming and costly. SMS communication is simple, widely adopted and very low cost.

Radcliffe is a registered housing provider, offering a range of rented housing in the areas of Bromley, Croydon, Tunbridge Wells and Lingfield.

"At Radcliffe Housing Society, our main purpose is to provide good quality affordable rented housing."

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