Latest news — articles for July 2016

Ocean Housing Upgrade to CMGR Version 6

Deeplake are proud to deliver our new and improved version of CMGR.  The new system proves to be highly efficient and user friendly, certainly bridging any communication gaps between the Housing Association and their tenants.  Various modules ensure that issues from Repairs to Rent Arrears are dealt with promptly, providing peace of mind to both Housing Association and tenants alike.

We are delighted that Ocean Housing have recently made the upgrade to Version 6 of our Communications Manager.

Ocean Group

Ocean Housing Ltd is a not for profit, charitable registered provider of social and affordable housing, with a stock of over 4000 properties throughout Cornwall.  We are part of the Cornwall Home Choice ‘Choice Based Lettings’ scheme.

At Ocean we believe affordable housing is not just about the buildings, but about the people who turn them into homes.

We therefore provide a wide range of services to our residents, helping them to make the most of their homes and the communities they live in.


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Rosebery Housing Association Choose Core Communications & Repairs CMGR

Rosebery Housing Association have recently chosen Deeplake's Core Communications Module as well as the Repairs Communications Manager (CMGR).  Deeplake are so pleased to continue this relationship with this highly respected client.


Customer Portal

An online, web-based interface for customers to use on their PC's, tablets and mobile devices. Responsive design automatically reformatted for the device used, and a full range of Social Housing features are avalable from option-guided repair logging to rent statements, news pages, document store and message trail.

Core Communications

Provides bulk and ad-hoc SMS and Email communication with advanced automation and specific selection features. Communications can be targeted using selections by any data held on the customer (including Housing Management or CRM data), or by map selection.

Scheduled communications and self-service transactions are also supported by the advanced workflow engine.

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South Derbyshire District Council upgrade to Version 6

Deeplake are pleased to announce that valued client, South Derbyshire District Council have upgraded to Version 6 of the Communications Manager.  

This upgrade will undoubtedly provide more efficient and fluid communication within the council's Social Housing sector.  We are delighted to offer our continued service and support to the South Derbyshire District Council.


South Derbyshire District Council is part of the two-tier local government for Derbyshire.

Derbyshire has eight district councils and a county council. Services for South Derbyshire are divided between ourselves and the county council.

Derby City is now a unitary authority which means that the city has a single-tier and is responsible for all local government functions within its area.

Councils work within powers laid down by various Acts of Parliament. Some council services are 'statutory', which means required by law. Others are 'discretionary'.


South Derbyshire District Council is made up of 36 locally elected councillors (24 Conservative, 12 Labour) who make decisions on how to improve local services on behalf of local people.

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