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Coastal Housing Group implements SMS with Deeplake

Coastal Housing Group implements SMS with Deeplake

Working with Partner Paloma Systems, Deeplake are implementing the Communications Manager SMS suite, integrated with Paloma Housing Management software for the Coastal Housing Group in South Wales.

Joining an established group of Deeplake customers in Wales, which include RCT Homes, Cardiff Community, Melin Homes, Monmouthshire, Family Housing, Seren Group, Cymdeithas Tai Ceredigion, Cadarn Housing, Myrthr Tidfil Housing Association, North Wales Housing, United Welsh and Rhondda Housing.

Coastal Housing Group provides homes and supports communities in Swansea and south west Wales

Coastal offer desirable and affordable homes for rent or sale, designed for people with differing needs, lifestyles and housing preferences. Coastal are expert in supporting people who require adapted homes or need help in managing their tenancy, and providing specialist services for older people.

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Rykneld working with Deeplake and Capita

Rykneld working with Deeplake and Capita

Rykneld Homes have chosen Deeplake Communication Manager to enable tenant communication in a range of areas across the organisation including the Rents team, Repairs department and estate management.

Communication Manager will allow two-way tenant communication for trannsactions such as unattended rent balance enquiries, repairs reminders and attendance confirmations, and follow-up customer service questions.

Communications Manager message workflow, graphical reporting and automated integration allows many tenant interactions to be automated, dramatically reducing costs whilst improving customer service and tenant participation in decision making and information sharing.

Rykneld Homes is an Arms Length Management Organisation (ALMO) responsible for the management, maintenance and improvement of over 8,100 properties and the neighbourhoods in which they are located on behalf of North East Derbyshire District Council.
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Deeplake Scottish User Group

Deeplake Scottish User Group

Deeplake held an extremely successful and informative Scottish User Group at CIH Scotland in Edinburgh on 5th March 2014.

The Deeplake user base is now too large for a single event to be fully interactive and convenient, so 4 events will be held across the UK. 

At the Scottish User Group leading Deeplake, customer and expert Leigh Pettigrew was nominated as Scottish User Group co-ordinator, to sit on a special board providing feedback on the future development of the platform.

The new CIH offices were an excellent venue providing a dramatic backdrop of Edinburgh Castle. For copies of presentations or further information please email

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Salvation Army Adopts Texting with Deeplake

Salvation Army Adopts Texting with Deeplake

Deeplake Communication Manager is the most flexible and powerful SMS text and email automation tool available today. Communication Manager has long been adopted as the preferred communication solution for Landlords and Local Authorities, and it's use is being extended further in the 3rd sector.

We are delighted to provide our leading technology to the Salvation Army, enabling a wide range of real-time, low-cost, communications to supporters, staff and volunteers. The Salvation Army has long been recognised as an influential and innovative user of Information Technology, making the partnership with Deeplake especially relevant.

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Tenant Services Authority use CMGR at Harrogate

At the CIH Harrigate show CMGR successfully provided up to the minutes survey information for visiting tenants and delegates.

Ben Riches, Techical Director commented, "This is a great demonstartion of the power of SMS communication providing up to the second feedback from tenants. We are delighted to be working with the TSA again at CIH Harrogate this year". 

Delegates could respond at the TSA stand or around the show where the survey leaflets and stand were on display.

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