Latest news — articles for June 2016

North Glasgow Homes adopt CMGR Software Modules: Rent Arrears

Deeplake are pleased to confirm that North Glasgow Homes have recently purchased the CMGR Software Modules: Rent Arrears.  This will enable further, more efficient communication with tenants, helping to resolve rental disputes in a timely manner.  We're delighted at the growing demand for this highly successful module.

At North Glasgow homes our customers are at the heart of our business and we aim to deliver customer service excellence in all that we do.  Our customers include our tenants, our factored owners, local residents, community groups, partner organisations and other stakeholders. We are committed to ensuring that we provide first class services that are efficient, effective and responsive to our customers’ needs.

We provide housing and support services to tenants and owners in the Springburn, Balornock, Possilpark and Parkhouse areas of North Glasgow.

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North Belfast Housing Association Improve Tenant Communication

We are delighted to welcome Belfast based, North Belfast Housing to the Deeplake community, working closely with one of our leading partners, Omniledger.

Deeplake's CMGR will be deployed, fully-integrated with Omniledger, to streamline communication with tenants and further improve efficiency and customer service in the areas of Rents and Repairs. The use of posted paper as a means of communication is increasingly dated, environmentally unfriendly, time-consuming and costly. SMS communication is simple and widely adopted at very low cost.

North Belfast Housing Association Ltd, (NB Housing) provides affordable rents and homes that build vibrant neighborhoods and communities.

NB Housing currently has over 900 properties based predominately in North Belfast. Properties consist of housing for families, young people, supported living for older adults, wheelchair accessible housing & housing for vulnerable families.

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Wishaw & District Housing Association Upgrade to CMGR Version 6

Deeplake are delighted to announce that Wishaw & District Housing Association, together with Omniledger have upgraded to CMGR Version 6.  This will guarantee further efficiency in tenant communication, enabling a more positive relationship between the HA and it's tenants.

Deeplake CMGR Version 6 is a result of our team's 20 years of combined software development, building on the very successful and well known Version 5.  Version 6 introduces a vast number of customer requested features plus new and powerful architecture which keep Deeplake at the forefront of customer communication technology.  With Version 6 our customers have many more features making tenant communication more powerful and simpler to use than ever before.

Integrated mapping allows easy communication to customers in specific locales, and a new report writer introduces graph styles with 3D charts and a wider range of export options. The powerful new Grid feature allows dynamic viewing of any tenant data with sort and grouping features, ideal to analyse and select demographic groups for communication.

The Version 6 platform also enables a range of new digital communication options including a branded Tenant Smartphone App and Tenant Portal to provide online services to tenants. It also allows a wider range of digital channels including Facebook and Twitter, and added attachments and style-sheets to emails, bringing powerful document management functions into CMGR for the first time.

Wishaw and District Housing Association is a non-profit making registered social landlord operating within defined boundaries in Wishaw and surrounding areas.

The Association was established in 1978 to improve local housing provision, initially through the rehabilitation of turn of the century tenement flats that had structural problems and were lacking in amenities.  Once this objective was successfully completed we turned our attention to building new housing, which we have been doing now since 1990.

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Crown Simmons Housing Association and Omniledger

Deeplake are so excited to announce and confirm that Crown Simmons Housing Association have recently obtained the CMGR licenses for Deeplake Messaging and Rents Module.

Crown Simmons Housing is a social landlord which owns and manages around 800 quality, affordable homes in great locations across London and the South East, providing services for around 1300 people, focusing on providing homes and services for local people, older people and key workers who may be unable to access housing through the normal market process. Crown Simmons Housing also have more than 50 years experience in property management and development services.

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