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First New Customer of 2013 - Coastal Housing Group!

First New Customer of 2013 - Coastal Housing Group!

We are delighted to welcome Coastal Housing Group in Swansea as the first new customer of 2013. Taking advantage of our well known SMS communications platform Communications Manager, and also our range of Smartphone Applications.

With Housing Manager and MyHousing Deeplake has extended communication to smartphone devices, whilst maintaining the ability to communicate any information with intelligent two-way SMS to any device.

We look forward to rolling out the application suite, further improving communication with tenants, and providing real-time hand-held data to Housing Officers and other tenant support staff. Coastal use the well-known Paloma Housing Management System, managing 4,500 properties.

Coastal Housing Group provides homes and supports communities in Swansea and south west Wales, offering desirable and affordable homes for rent or sale, designed for people with differing needs, lifestyles and housing preferences. Coastal Housing Group are expert in supporting people who require adapted homes or need help in managing their tenancy, and also provide specialist services for older people.
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