Latest news — articles for May 2016

Staff Mobile Application in South Wales!

Deeplake are delighted to work with Seren Group (including Charter Housing, Seren Living and Solas) to provide mobile access to data for staff, and for tenants to access and update information remotely.

Developing further the powerful Deeplake Tenant Portal and Smartphone App, in partnership with Seren Groups IT team, the new Web/Tablet/Mobile Phone applications will allow tenants to access news, key services, contact their housing and car provider, and update information remotely saving staff time and further improving Seren Groups excellent services.

Making key tenant information available to staff on the move will help make staff more efficient and responsive, and provide simple, mobile access to data within the Civica Universal Housing database and other sources.

Deeplake has many years’ experience with mobile technology, and making customer data easy to visualise and access, and is both a leader in, and is committed to, the Social Housing Sector.

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Deeplake Launch Data Channel

With 10 years’ experience, and over 120 Communication Manager Installations, Deeplake have developed extensive experience extracting and exploiting data from a wide variety of Housing Databases (11 Housing Databases plus Microsoft Dynamics, individually or in combination). This data can be automatically imported into our CMGR product from one, or multiple, sources to make all your customer data available for use in messages.

To allow simple merging of customer data into personalised customer messages Deeplake stores this data in a powerful Data Warehouse and Data Visualisation interface within our CMGR product, allowing tenants and customers to be located (by data field or by map) and displayed in a simple, customisable interface. The easy to use CMGR interface also allows simple exporting to .csv, .pdf, and Excel files.

Responding to customer demand, we have now made the Data Warehouse feature available as a standalone tool, to centralise multiple customer data sources into one simple to use interface. The Deeplake Data Warehouse is available as “Data Channel” and can be used with a Windows or Web interface and bring together multiple customer data sources for use on an office or mobile (phone or tablet) device.

In addition to column views and maps, display forms can be customised for specific applications (care and health data, finance data, repair data etc.) allowing operatives to have simple, low cost access to customer data wherever they are. All appropriate security provision apply to data in transit and on devices, controllable by user and profile.

We are also making the Data Channel data warehouse available to key partners.

Please contact our customer care team at for more information or a demonstration of Deeplake Data Channel. 

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Deeplake Launches in Australia

To support our partnerships and following strong local interest, Deeplake have launched sales in South Eastern Australia, especially following strong interest from customers in Victoria, New South Wales and Southern Australia.

Deeplake were delighted to be the main sponsor for PowerHousing, the major Housing Conference in 2016 held in Melbourne, including a presentation of our services and UK Case Studies, an exhibition stand at the show manned by both the UK and local Australian team, and announcement of our first customers in Australia.

The response has been outstanding, and we expect to announce many new projects over the coming weeks both in our traditional area of automated messaging, and also with our rapidly growing tenant and staff portal products.

Deeplake are committed to working closely with the Australian Community Housing Sector, with 100% “in-country” hosted services, Local message and network Providers, and local staff.


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