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Thrive Homes implement SMS with Deeplake

Thrive Homes implement SMS with Deeplake

We are delighted to announce the selection of Communications Manager (CMGR) by Thrive Homes to enable intelligent SMS text and email communication with tenants.

CMGR is Capita's preferred SMS solution for Housing, and all three parties will work together to drive efficiencies and further enhance customer service through SMS communication in rents, repairs, surveys and many other areas.

Thrive Homes was formed in March 2008 to run the housing previously owned by Three Rivers Council after four out of five tenants voted in favour of the transfer. We have a programme to improve the quality of the housing through a £43 million investment programme over the next five years. The Thrive Homes mission statement is:

"To provide high quality homes and excellent services to help develop communities where people will enjoy living."

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Liverpool Mutual Homes chooses CMGR

Liverpool Mutual Homes chooses CMGR

In partnership with Orchard Information Systems, Deeplake is providing its market-leading SMS solution CMGR to Liverpool Mutual Homes to automate a range of tenant communications including repairs reminders, rent notifications and a range of "self-service" enquiries allowing tenants access to information without need for web-access. 

CMGR allows a wide range of communications to be carried out away from the contact centre, using one of the most convenient and accepted forms of communication today - SMS text messaging.

By linking Deeplake's flexible 2-way SMS technology to Orchard Arcserve and Orchard Housing databases, many typical communications can be carried out more conveniently and at lower cost than by post or through the contact centre. Few technologies offer such a potent combination of cost savings, service improvements, and happier customers.

Partnered with Orchard for future-proof support and integration, Deeplake are the market leader in Social Housing.

The LMH journey started in 2004 when the Liverpool City Council submitted its Housing Stock Options Appraisal. At this time, Liverpool Mutual Homes (LMH) was conceived as a tenant-led organisation with tenants at the heart of all decision making.

Following the stock transfer from Liverpool City Council on 1st April 2008, LMH became the newest housing association in Liverpool managing over 15,000 homes in the city.
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