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Spitalfields Housing Association and Deeplake

Spitalfields Housing Association and Deeplake

 We are delighted to have Omniledger customer Spitalfields Housing Association join the Deeplake customers taking advantage of our digital communication suite.

Omniledger are a close and valued Deeplake partner, where we have jointly worked to provide a tightly-integrated tenant communications solution, allowing easy, low-cost, two-way, automated tenant communication.

Deeplake Communication Manager is the most technically advanced, yet easy-to-use Digital Communications platform, specialised for Social Housing.

Spitalfields Housing Association is the largest Bangladeshi-led housing Association in the UK. The Association was founded in 1979 by members of the Bangladeshi community in response to poor housing conditions in the Spitalfields area. Set up originally as a co-operative, the Association originally concentrated on developing large family sized accommodation for Bangladeshi families. The Association registered with the Housing Corporation in 1980 and began an ambitious development programme, refurbishing what had previously been slum areas.

The Association is a registered Friendly Society operating under the model charitable rules of the National Housing Federation.

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Carrick Housing Choose CMGR

Carrick Housing Choose CMGR

We are delighted to work with Orchard Information Systems and Carrick Housing to deliver state-of-the-art SMS communications technology to Cornish tenants, allowing a wide range of communication using SMS, previously carried out by phone and traditional letters. 

SMS dramatically reduces communication costs and improves response rates and convenience. CMGR is integrated with Orchard's Housing Management Systems to provide a seamless and easily supported implementation.

In April 2009, the council housing formerly belonging to Caradon, Carrick and North Cornwall District Councils became part of the Housing Department of the new local authority, Cornwall Council.  The council houses belonging to the other former district councils had been transferred into separate housing associations prior to 2009.  For a year, Cornwall Council continued to run the council housing services it had inherited in the same format, as three separate landlord services. General Fund Housing functions include:
  • Allocations
  • Housing Register and Cornwall HomeChoice
  • Housing Options advice
  • Private-sector Housing
  • Private-sector Leased Property Management
  • Disabled Facilities Grants
  • Gypsy and Traveller Sites Management.
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St Vincents Housing Association choose CMGR with Omniledger

St Vincents Housing Association choose CMGR with Omniledger

Deeplake are delighted to work with Partner Omniledger to provide state-of-the-art SMS solution for St Vincents Housing Association in the North West.

Deeplake work across the UK but extensively in the North West of England, providing SMS, Email and Social Networking commumication tools for Landlords to communicate with tenants.

St Vincent's Housing Association is a registered social landlord who owns and manages almost 3,000 high quality, affordable homes across the North West, including Manchester, Salford, Bolton, Rochdale, Trafford, the Ribble Valley and Pendle. St Vincents provides a package of services aimed at meeting local needs, and are committed to investing in the communities in which they work.

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