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Friday Hill chooses CMGR

Friday Hill chooses CMGR

Deeplake are delighted to annouce Friday Hill have chosen CMGR as their SMS communications platform, fully integrated with SDM Housing Management.

Deeplake and SDM Housing first partnered in 2009 to bring an integrated solution to SDM Housing users. The integration allows SMS remiders for a range of rent and repairs transactions in addition to the power and ease of use for general SMS messages and surveys.

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Glen Oaks Housing Association Chooses CMGR Texting Solution

Glen Oaks Housing Association Chooses CMGR Texting Solution

Glen Oaks Housing are a leading Scottish Housing Association and have selected Deeplake CMGR to implement SMS Communication, integrated with SDM Housing, for communication with tenants and contractors in the areas of Rent Arrears, Repairs Scheduling, and other areas.

CMGR, the leading SMS platform for Housing, is fully integrated with SDM Housing, giving single-screen SMS functionality from within SDM Housing, plus all the advanced survey, analysis and instant communication features of CMGR.

The Association was registered in 1991, initially to work in the Darnley area, and now operates throughout the Greater Pollok area of South West Glasgow.  The Association acquired 310 Glasgow District Council properties in Darnley in 1992 and 235 Glasgow City Council properties in Cartloch (Pollok) in 1997.  We acquired 1100 Scottish Homes properties in Arden in 1999 and currently manage 1434 properties, plus 1150 Glasgow Housing Association properties via 2 Local Housing Associations in Darnley and Pollok.

The Association has played a key role in the Darnley 2000 Project which has created a mixed tenure estate, where previously there was solely deck access council housing.  The Association has now re-developed all of its original housing in Darnley.  The Cartloch housing stock has also been redeveloped over four phases. In addition to the above, the Association has developed 45 houses for shared ownership in Southpark Village, Darnley, and Regents Park, Thornliebank

SDM and Deeplake have invested to fully integrate the combined tenant communications solution.

SDM Housing is a full CMGR Integration Partner and we collaborate in integration, support, sales and future development.
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Rochdale Boroughwide Housing select Deeplake CMGR

Rochdale Boroughwide Housing select Deeplake CMGR

We are delighted to annouce Rochdale Boroughwide Housing have selected CMGR as a tenant SMS and Email communication solution for ASBO incidents. CMGR will allow incidents to be reported remotely by tenants via an SMS text message, and for tenants to remotly and discreetly enquire on the status of ASBO incidents.

Rochdale Boroughwide Housing (RBH) is a not for profit company which is responsible for managing council homes on behalf of Rochdale Council. The organisation was set up on 1st April 2002. It is a company wholly owned by the council but managed by a board of directors. The company manages around 14,500 properties and provides all the landlord services to these properties.

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