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Thorlands Choose CMGR with Omniledger

Thorlands Choose CMGR with Omniledger

We are delighted that CMGR has been chosen by Thorlands Housing Management Society to bring improved communication using new mobile media to Thorlands tenants, suppliers and employees.

Working in partnership with Housing Management Systems and IT supplier Omniledger, Deeplake will help provide faster, more convenient and more efficient communication using Mobile SMS and email across a range of areas including Rents, Repairs and Tenant Profiling. 

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Mosscare implement SMS text with Deeplake

Mosscare implement SMS text with Deeplake

 Deeplake are delighted that Mosscare Housing have chosen CMGR, the leading SMS and email communication software for Social Housing, to further streamline communication with their tenants, and drive efficiency and tenant satisfaction.

Deeplake CMGR improves tenant satisfaction and reduces costs by enabling many common communications in Rents, Repairs, Surveys and other areas to be carried out using efficient modern communication such as SMS text, email and Twitter. These methods are lower cost than telephone calls and posted letters, but also more convenient and faster.

Mosscare is a charitable, not for profit housing association committed to communities and neighbourhoods. We have around 3300 properties in management through the Greater Manchester area and an additional development programme of 120, and aim to deliver a continuously improving high quality, high value, housing service that is sensitive to individuals. For many years now Mosscare has been at the forefront of regeneration and is working to continue that commitment.

Mosscare Housing is a charitable, not for profit housing association, regulated by the Homes and Communities Agency and the Tenant Services Authority.  Our mission is as follows:

Mosscare aims to be a quality housing association committed to communities and to individuals in the City of Manchester, the City of Salford, the boroughs of Stockport, Tameside and Trafford and other surrounding areas where a quality housing service can be delivered.

We are church sponsored and several members of the Management Committee are drawn from local churches. A number of people are involved in the Association in a voluntary capacity, particularly as members of committee. Mosscare has 79 ordinary and 4 tenant shareholders and welcomes the support shareholders give.

The work of Mosscare is directed by and administered through a voluntary Management Committee and sub-committee. Click here to find further information about our committee members and senior staff.

Mosscare Housing is the parent organisation to a group consisting of Mosscare Developments Limited, a company limited by guarantee used to carry out development agency and regeneration work, and Mossbank Homes, a registered housing association, currently dormant. We also have an associate joint venture company, Reviva Urban Renewal Limited.

In 2005 Mosscare restated some of these principles in preparation for the ODPM Summit on Delivering Sustainable Communities, held in Manchester.

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Pentland Housing Association chooses CMGR with SDM Housing

Pentland Housing is the leading housing provider in Caithness and houses people in need, helping members of the community become home owners and invest in the economy by creating innovative social enterprises.

Pentland have chosen Deeplake CMGR working with their Housing Management System supplier SDM Housing, CMGR will allow integrated SMS and email communication with Pentlands tenants, driven directly from the SDM rents and repairs modules. In addition ad-hoc texting and surveys will provide a way to efficiently gain customer feedback and stay in touch with tenants.

Mark Fulton, Deeplake's SDM Partner Manager stated, "We are delighted to work with yet another SDM customer to deliver the leading SMS solution for tenants. Pentland are an innovative and customer focused Housing Provider and we look forward to working together".

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Flagship Upgrade to Version 5?

Flagship Upgrade to Version 5?

Flagship Housing are migrating from Communications Manager Version 4 to Version 5 Workflow and rolling out further through the Flagship group.  Peddars Way, part of Flagship use Communications Manager with Civica Universal Housing to reduce paperwork and administration costs in Repairs and Maintenance.
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