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Radcliffe Housing Society and Omniledger

Radcliffe Housing Society and Omniledger

We are delighted to welcome Kent based Radcliffe Housing Society to the Deeplake community, working closely with one of our leading partners Omniledger.

Deeplake's CMGR will be deployed, fully-integrated with Omniledger, to streamline communication with tenants and further improve efficiency and customer service. The use of posted paper as a means of communication is increasingly dated, environmentally unfriendly, time-consuming and costly. SMS communication is simple, widely adopted and very low cost.

Radcliffe is a registered housing provider, offering a range of rented housing in the areas of Bromley, Croydon, Tunbridge Wells and Lingfield.

"At Radcliffe Housing Society, our main purpose is to provide good quality affordable rented housing."

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Crown Simmons Housing Association and Omniledger

Deeplake are so excited to announce and confirm that Crown Simmons Housing Association have recently obtained the CMGR licenses for Deeplake Messaging and Rents Module.

Crown Simmons Housing is a social landlord which owns and manages around 800 quality, affordable homes in great locations across London and the South East, providing services for around 1300 people, focusing on providing homes and services for local people, older people and key workers who may be unable to access housing through the normal market process. Crown Simmons Housing also have more than 50 years experience in property management and development services.

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Christian Action

Christian Action Chooses Deeplake with V6

Deeplake is delighted that Christian Action have upgraded to our new V6 release, taking advantage of new Social Media features and digital channels.

Marlon Shaw is head of ICT at Christian Action, a Housing Association founded in 1966 as a local, church-based, response to the need for affordable housing for rent. Today it owns or manages over 1550 properties in four North London boroughs - Enfield, Barnet, Haringey and Waltham Forest.

Marlon recently upgraded to Deeplake’s CMGR v6.0 “We are really pleased with version 6 and the Tenant Portal. The support provided when we have had any technical glitches or issues with the Portal has been brilliant.”

Marlon was astonished with the turnaround from the initial Deeplake presentation of v6.0 and the tenants’ portal to implementation and roll-out. The speed, support and low cost was particularly impressive, along with a really user-friendly platform that was received internally with great enthusiasm.

“I’ve been in IT for over 40 years and I’ve never had such a positive experience – excellent, really excellent”

Marlon thought the support he received from the team was ‘amazing’, with issues being resolved, in some cases, within hours. He felt this helped him keep the momentum behind the initial enthusiasm for v6.0 and enabled an efficient and effective promotion to customers.

Christian Action has been promoting the tenants’ portal via newsletter and email to date and have started a staff incentive scheme to increase sign ups. Marlon believes being able to make payments online 24/7 is a real benefit for their customers. They have seen huge benefit in being able to confirm appointments via text and are planning to roll this out for repairs. Marlon is also determined to take on the arrears module to help identify payment trends for early intervention.

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Yorkshire Coast Homes Choose Deeplake

Yorkshire Coast Homes Choose Deeplake

Deeplake are delighted to announce the selection of CMGR by Yorkshire Coast Homes to further improve communication with their tenants and drive improved efficiency and reduced costs.
Deeplake CMGR improves tenant satisfaction and reduces costs by enabling many common communications in Rents, Repairs, Surveys and other areas to be carried out using efficient modern communication such as SMS text, email and Twitter. These methods are lower cost than telephone calls and posted letters, but also more convenient and faster.

Yorkshire Coast Homes Housing Association managed 4000+ homes in the North Yorkshire area. In 2003 Scarborough Borough Council tenants decided to transfer from the local authority to this new, independent organisation. On transfer, a full improvement programme was begun to bring the homes up to the Government's Decent Homes standard.

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Apex Housing Selects Deeplake and Capita

Apex Housing Selects Deeplake and Capita

Apex Housing, a leading provider of Social Housing in Northern Ireland, and customer of Capita Housing, has this month selected Deeplake Communications Manager to further extend it's technology portfolio from Capita Housing.

Deeplake's SMS technology is seamlessly integrated with Capita's Housing Management Systems and provides an excellent solution to improving tenant communication that is robust and seamless.

With a combined workforce of over 500 employees, the Apex Group provides voluntary housing and support local communities within Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. Through the sharing of resources, a professional housing service now operates in both jurisdictions. Professionalism is transferable within the group to support housing provision wherever it is needed irrespective of borders.

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Arcon Housing and Omniledger deploy SMS

Arcon Housing and Omniledger deploy SMS

Arcon Housing, using the popular Omniledger Housing Management System are implementing Deeplake Communication Manager to support Rent and Repairs communication with Tenants.

Integrated with Omniledger as a Deeplake Integration Partner, the combination is fully supported, working seamlessly together.

Deeplake is delighted to partner with Omniledger and Arcon to deliver the new communication services to Arcon Housing's tenants.

Arcon are a well established Housing Association based at 12 Lloyd Street, Manchester with approximately 1,000 properties situated in the north west of England. Rents for all grant funded properties are set by the Government and are calculated so as to be affordable to those on low incomes or in receipt of benefits.

Arcon Housing Association is an exempt charity and acts as corporate trustees and managing agents for two almshouses. The Dixon Almshouses have six properties in Christleton, Chester and the James Ainsworth Almshouses have twelve properties in Heaton Norris, Stockport. The association also owns 16 properties in Droylsden, Manchester.

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Committed to Ayrshire with Communication Manager

Committed to Ayrshire with Communication Manager

Working with SDM Housing, Deeplake are providing the market leading SMS communications software, integrated with the SDM Housing database.

Implementation of Communication Manager will allow Ayrshire Housing to streamline Rent management, Repairs Management and ad-hoc tenant communications. The huge growth in mobile phone usage across the UK and Scotland makes SMS a great way to include tenants in sharing information, but also to get feedback.

Said Jane Fletcher Deeplake Account Manager, "We are delighted to be working with SDM and Ayrshire on this exciting project, and bringing the latest communicaitons technology to the residents of Ayrshire". 

Ayrshire Housing combines high quality housing with a commitment to community initiatives, working in partnership with public and voluntary agencies, and communities across Ayrshire.

A major provider of affordable housing in attractively designed and maintained neighbourhoods. The quality of developments has been recognised with many awards and commendations, by providing a friendly and responsive service to tenants, applicants and the wider community.

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Thorlands Choose CMGR with Omniledger

Thorlands Choose CMGR with Omniledger

We are delighted that CMGR has been chosen by Thorlands Housing Management Society to bring improved communication using new mobile media to Thorlands tenants, suppliers and employees.

Working in partnership with Housing Management Systems and IT supplier Omniledger, Deeplake will help provide faster, more convenient and more efficient communication using Mobile SMS and email across a range of areas including Rents, Repairs and Tenant Profiling. 

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