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BPHA Chooses Communication Manager

BPHA Chooses Communication Manager

Deeplake is delighted to welcome bpha to the enormous community of Social Housing providers who have chosen Communication Manager for electronic tenant communication.

Supporting the government's agenda of improved services and increased efficiency, SMS and email communication is less costly, more efficient and allows more participative and inclusive communication than dated postal or even telephone communications.

Bpha will introduce a wide range of tenant communications using the advanced build in features of Communication Manager.

Bedfordshire Pilgrims Housing Association (now bpha) initially provided rented housing for the tenants who had transferred and others on waiting lists. 

Today bpha is a mature association that continues to grow and diversify its services for a wide range of customers, including key public sector workers and others looking for low cost home ownership. As a leading provider and developer of affordable housing, bpha now works across central, southern and eastern England, including Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire.

Bpha currently manages nearly 13,000 homes and employs more than 300 staff. Since 1992, it has helped more than 5,000 families into home ownership and currently manages more than 1,000 shared ownership properties.

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Arhag Adopts Communication Manager

Arhag Adopts Communication Manager

We are delighted that Arhag have chosen Deeplake Communication Manager as their preferred tenant communication platform.

Deeplake will provide interactive two-way communications via SMS, Email and Social Media for a wide range of tenant services, further enhancing tenant services and reducing operational costs.

ARHAG was founded in 1979 to respond to an urgent need for housing and support amongst Britain’s fast growing refugee and migrant communities. From the outset, refugees and migrants themselves have been active in shaping and developing the organisation. By 1981 ARHAG was housing its first tenants in short-life properties before referring them on to permanent homes with local authorities and other housing associations. - See more at:
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Christian Action

Christian Action Chooses Deeplake with V6

Deeplake is delighted that Christian Action have upgraded to our new V6 release, taking advantage of new Social Media features and digital channels.

Marlon Shaw is head of ICT at Christian Action, a Housing Association founded in 1966 as a local, church-based, response to the need for affordable housing for rent. Today it owns or manages over 1550 properties in four North London boroughs - Enfield, Barnet, Haringey and Waltham Forest.

Marlon recently upgraded to Deeplake’s CMGR v6.0 “We are really pleased with version 6 and the Tenant Portal. The support provided when we have had any technical glitches or issues with the Portal has been brilliant.”

Marlon was astonished with the turnaround from the initial Deeplake presentation of v6.0 and the tenants’ portal to implementation and roll-out. The speed, support and low cost was particularly impressive, along with a really user-friendly platform that was received internally with great enthusiasm.

“I’ve been in IT for over 40 years and I’ve never had such a positive experience – excellent, really excellent”

Marlon thought the support he received from the team was ‘amazing’, with issues being resolved, in some cases, within hours. He felt this helped him keep the momentum behind the initial enthusiasm for v6.0 and enabled an efficient and effective promotion to customers.

Christian Action has been promoting the tenants’ portal via newsletter and email to date and have started a staff incentive scheme to increase sign ups. Marlon believes being able to make payments online 24/7 is a real benefit for their customers. They have seen huge benefit in being able to confirm appointments via text and are planning to roll this out for repairs. Marlon is also determined to take on the arrears module to help identify payment trends for early intervention.

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Deeplake welcomes Shettleton Housing

Cadarn Housing and Orchard Housing

Cadarn Housing and Orchard Housing

Deeplake are delighted to be selected with Partner Orchard Information Systems to provide Tenant communication using SMS and email for Cadarn Housing. Orchard and Deeplake offer an integrated solution to communication, linked directly to the Housing Management System. Cadarn will implement new electronic communication to streamline Repairs and Gas Servicing communication, providing post-repair surveys and appointment reminders, in addition to using SMS for day-to-day tenant contact.

The Cadarn Housing Group was established as Newydd Housing Association in 1974. In 1998, a group structure was formed with the Cadarn Housing Group as the parent company and Newydd Housing Association as a subsidiary.

Newydd has since established itself as one of the leading housing associations in Wales with the aim of ‘Providing affordable homes and sustainable communities with excellent services, to tenants and customers’. Newydd currently provide 2,500 affordable homes for rent and sale across 11 local authority areas in Wales as well as a range of housing services. 
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Coastal Housing Group implements SMS with Deeplake

Coastal Housing Group implements SMS with Deeplake

Working with Partner Paloma Systems, Deeplake are implementing the Communications Manager SMS suite, integrated with Paloma Housing Management software for the Coastal Housing Group in South Wales.

Joining an established group of Deeplake customers in Wales, which include RCT Homes, Cardiff Community, Melin Homes, Monmouthshire, Family Housing, Seren Group, Cymdeithas Tai Ceredigion, Cadarn Housing, Myrthr Tidfil Housing Association, North Wales Housing, United Welsh and Rhondda Housing.

Coastal Housing Group provides homes and supports communities in Swansea and south west Wales

Coastal offer desirable and affordable homes for rent or sale, designed for people with differing needs, lifestyles and housing preferences. Coastal are expert in supporting people who require adapted homes or need help in managing their tenancy, and providing specialist services for older people.

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Carrick Housing Choose CMGR

Carrick Housing Choose CMGR

We are delighted to work with Orchard Information Systems and Carrick Housing to deliver state-of-the-art SMS communications technology to Cornish tenants, allowing a wide range of communication using SMS, previously carried out by phone and traditional letters. 

SMS dramatically reduces communication costs and improves response rates and convenience. CMGR is integrated with Orchard's Housing Management Systems to provide a seamless and easily supported implementation.

In April 2009, the council housing formerly belonging to Caradon, Carrick and North Cornwall District Councils became part of the Housing Department of the new local authority, Cornwall Council.  The council houses belonging to the other former district councils had been transferred into separate housing associations prior to 2009.  For a year, Cornwall Council continued to run the council housing services it had inherited in the same format, as three separate landlord services. General Fund Housing functions include:
  • Allocations
  • Housing Register and Cornwall HomeChoice
  • Housing Options advice
  • Private-sector Housing
  • Private-sector Leased Property Management
  • Disabled Facilities Grants
  • Gypsy and Traveller Sites Management.
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St Vincents Housing Association choose CMGR with Omniledger

St Vincents Housing Association choose CMGR with Omniledger

Deeplake are delighted to work with Partner Omniledger to provide state-of-the-art SMS solution for St Vincents Housing Association in the North West.

Deeplake work across the UK but extensively in the North West of England, providing SMS, Email and Social Networking commumication tools for Landlords to communicate with tenants.

St Vincent's Housing Association is a registered social landlord who owns and manages almost 3,000 high quality, affordable homes across the North West, including Manchester, Salford, Bolton, Rochdale, Trafford, the Ribble Valley and Pendle. St Vincents provides a package of services aimed at meeting local needs, and are committed to investing in the communities in which they work.

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Committed to Ayrshire with Communication Manager

Committed to Ayrshire with Communication Manager

Working with SDM Housing, Deeplake are providing the market leading SMS communications software, integrated with the SDM Housing database.

Implementation of Communication Manager will allow Ayrshire Housing to streamline Rent management, Repairs Management and ad-hoc tenant communications. The huge growth in mobile phone usage across the UK and Scotland makes SMS a great way to include tenants in sharing information, but also to get feedback.

Said Jane Fletcher Deeplake Account Manager, "We are delighted to be working with SDM and Ayrshire on this exciting project, and bringing the latest communicaitons technology to the residents of Ayrshire". 

Ayrshire Housing combines high quality housing with a commitment to community initiatives, working in partnership with public and voluntary agencies, and communities across Ayrshire.

A major provider of affordable housing in attractively designed and maintained neighbourhoods. The quality of developments has been recognised with many awards and commendations, by providing a friendly and responsive service to tenants, applicants and the wider community.

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Cardiff Community Housing Launches SMS for Tenants

Cardiff Community Housing Launches SMS for Tenants

We are delighted that CCHA have chosen to implement our IBS-integrated tenant communication solution for SMS and email. Deeplake are IBS's exclusive SMS communications partner with the most powerful and easy to use tenant communications tool Communications Manager or CMGR.

CMGR will be implemented across a range of areas in CCHA to simultaneously improve tenant services and reduce the wasted cost of many traditional letter and telephone communications.

CCHA was established in 1996 and is an Industrial and Provident Society with charitable status, formed when Adamsdown Housing Association and Moor Housing Association decided to merge. Between them, Adamsdown and Moors have been providing homes in Cardiff for over 30 years. CCHA are a non-profit organisation that is registered and are supervised by the Welsh Assembly Government.
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Audit Commission finds Deeplake SMS Texting Proves Successful at Newlon Housing Trust

Audit Commission finds Deeplake SMS Texting Proves Successful at Newlon Housing Trust

Deeplake were delighted by the findings of Newlons' Short Notice Inspection where Newlons' positive and innovative use of Deeplake CMGR to improve communication with tenants was mentioned several times as "Strengths".

The Audit Commission found... "Tenants use a variety of ways to access the services, including the use of SMS texting which has proved successful." and "Newlon Housing Trust uses SMS text messaging to contact tenants about a number of issues including progress on communal repairs such as lift repairs.

Implementation by Deeplake's consulting team and Matthew Phillips, Newlon's Customer Service Manager, has improved tenant communication in a range of areas and demonstrated further innovative uses for Deeplakes' flexible SMS platform. 
"Deeplake's innovative and easy to use software has revolutionised the way we contact and inform our customers.  This product enables us to supply vital and time sensitive information to our all customers with just a couple of clicks of the mouse.

Duncan Lee -
Assistant Director Customer Services, Newlon Housing
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