Local Authority Overview

Digital Channel Shift reduces costs across a Local Authorities operations, whilst also providing a more responsive service to customers. We have extended our range of application modules to be relevant to Local Authorities and allow streamlining of communications across a wide range of departments.

Deeplake Communication Manager is unique in having the scale, flexibility and powerful feature set to cope with communications across a Local Authorities Departments, with role based security, departmental SMS numbers, full auditing and reporting capabilities, plus many other powerful features. All Corporate Modules can be used across all Digital Channels - whether you offer SMS, Email, Smartphone, Social Media or Customer Portal.

Corporate Modules allow Local Authorities customers to deploy Communications Manager very quickly by providing a prepared set of messages, workflows, data interfaces and reports pre-built for each department.

Local Authority Modules

Each module can also be customised and extended to exactly match the specifics of each customers communication style, and customer management processes.


Refuse Collection

Offer citizens access to bin collection times, recycling centre locations, opening times and closures, emergency changes, reporting of problem and suggestions, requests for skips and special collection (with electronic payments)

Council Information Services

Allow lookup of office locations, departmental opening times, Councilor/Ward names, event information, let citizens send in suggestions and receive general news updates. All citizen self service transactions are based on identifying mobile number/Social Media ID/Email Address/Smartphone/Portal ID. Personal conversations with officers can be held without either party sharing individual numbers or contact details.

Animal Control

Reporting dangerous or anti-social animal behaviour or litter, reporting dead animals, lost animal reporting and searching, applying for permits or reminders to renew permits for pets, pet shops and boarding premises.

Campaigns & Marketing

Surveys and customer feedback is vital across a wide range of areas, departmental performance to market research. The Campaigns module provides an easy way to build surveys across any digital channel, with flexible and comprehensive reporting. With  response rates typically exceeding 70%, very low costs, and very rapid turn-around times, digital Campaigns are the most effective way to gain citizen/customer feedback.

License Application and Reminders

Many licenses are permits require regular renewals, or checks that information remains current, including but not limited to - Alcohol and entertainment, Animal welfare, Charities, Rented housing, Taxis and private hire, Street trading etc.

Building and Planning

Arranging and reminders for inspection visits, notice of expiry periods, information gathering, lookup of vetted contractors, queries and ad-hoc communications. Collection of small payments.

Lone Worker

This simple and practical module allows any worker or contractor with a mobile phone to initiate a self-monitoring process via SMS, Email or Smartphone App. Regular prompts check all is well with alarms or "no contact" messages being generated automatically to staff or external call centres. Low cost and flexible protection, available 24x7.

Citizen Involvement

This "Private Twitter" module allows groups to share information via "Digital NoticeBoards". Tenants, staff and other stakeholder groups can discuss and share topics of interest without knowledge of each others mobile numbers and with all conversations being audited and content controlled. A great way for Local Authorities to facilitate citizens shared interest groups, securely and cost effectively.


Opening times, overdue book chasing, book available notification, collection of fines, interest groups, promotions of activities.

ASB, Complaints and Compliments

A picture is worth a thousand words, and ASB reporting by mobile allows citizens to record problems and report in a structured way via smartphone or even SMS text. Automated workflows notify relevant departments and feed reports and messages to you.