Data Channel

Deeplake Data Channel makes application data easily accessible to 3rd party and self developed applications. Over many years Deeplake has developed a set of data extraction, interface and application write-back capabilities to support our advanced two-way communications technology. If your application required consistent, secure access to data in an existing proprietary database, Deeplake Data Channel could be your solution.

This unique data access solution is now available as a stand-alone solution.


Data Channel Technology

The Data Channel datastore is based on Microsoft SQL2012 or 2008 platforms, and uses a range of data extraction techniques depending on the target applications data is required from. Currently we support data extracts from the following Housing Applications:

  • Northgate Housing
  • Omniledger Pyramid
  • Civica Universal Housing
  • Capita Open Housing
  • Capita Academy
  • Aareon Housing
  • Kypera
  • SDM Housing
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Opti-Time
  • Orchard Housing

Application adaptors have been developed for each target application and include native API's, Web Services, direct SQL extracts, CSV and XML imports. A number of bespoke file formats exist for Deeplake technology integration due to our wide adoption in the Social Housing Sector.

Data Channel is an extendable technology platform, and in-house data sources and applications can be included. All data elements can be cached for rapid access and refreshed from core data on any of the following frequencies:

  • On demand
  • Daily Refresh
  • Hourly Refresh
  • Triggered by Application Transaction