Digital Channel Customer Expectations

Digital Communication is convenient and cost effective. Email has been with us since 1972, the World Wide Web since 1991 and Tweet's since why do we still use expensive and slow letters at all?
In the modern world, Digital channels to the best medium for engaging customers.

Switch to Digital Most purchases today are followed with an email confirmation, scheduled activities have reminders to a customer's mobile, and account queries and information checks happen in personalised Web Portals.

These Digital tools are standard customer expectations today, with similar service expectations made of Social Landlords, Local Authorities, Charities.

These convenient tools make customers lives' easier, extend service hours, and save your customer's time and money.

Organisation Benefits

Digital Channels have significant benefits for suppliers too. Per message costs dramatically reduce and communications take place faster, which can speed up business processes. With a critical process like collecting arrears payments, there are enormous benefits to be gained from speed as well as reducing costs.


Telephone and letters cost £6-£13, digital messages are less than 7p


Many organisations have invested in quality processes such as ISO9001, so many key customer processes are well defined and simple to automate. Moving this repetitive workload from staff to automated systems provides more time to deal with exceptions, and to provide exceptional customer support and care.

Channel Consistency

Inconsistent data confuses customers

Where more than one Digital Channel is available, it is critical to ensure information is always consistent.

Seeing non-matching information (such as rent balance) across different Digital Channels causes customers to lose confidence, make additional calls to your staff, and perhaps stop using one or more digital channels.

Deeplake offer an integrated platform, which uses a single data-set and integration interfaces, but supports multiple Digital Channels.

A single Digital platform also dramatically reduces platform implementation and support costs.


Channel Choice

Research has shown that depending on what customers would like to do, they have a preference for Communication Channels. There are also Channel preferences to consider which may vary across age group (e.g. text size) or social-demographic group (equipment available).

Social Media is key to DigitalTo ensure your Digital Strategy enjoys maximum success, as many Channels as possible should be available, with the selection being in the customers control. This can maximise usage and customer satisfaction, thereby gaining the the maximum organisation benefits and fastest Return-on-Investment from the Digital Channel Shift project.

Typical Channels include Web (PC/Tablet), Mobile App, SMS, Email, Voice/IVR and Social Media. Social Media is a key component with the growth of Channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.