Market Leaders in Digital Channel Shift

In 2008 Deeplake pioneered SMS and Email customer communication for Social Landlords, and today we are the market leader in Social Housing with 750,000 UK citizens regularly communicated with by in our systems - over 1% of the population of the UK!

We develop and market communications software that makes business processes more efficient and enhances customer service. Our solutions also have a positive impact for Social Landlords, Local Authorities, Schools and Colleges and any organisation who's customers use mobile devices. Our solutions help you address;

  • Social Inclusion

  • Environment Impact

  • Tenant Participation

  • Cost Efficiency

  • Customer Service and Satisfaction

  • Supporting Diversity

Who We Help

Over 120 Social Landlords, Local Authorities and Charities work with Deeplake in the Public sector to their improve customer comunication, especially the move to Digital Channels. For this reason our flagship product Communications Manager is the most widely used, best integrated, and most functional software solution for enabling simple, integrated but very powerful communication.

We make a wide range of digital channels available to your staff and contractors to improve customer engagement. Linked with a sophisticated two-way workflow engine with full auditing, content management and budget control, many common contacts can be automated and made digital, dramatically reducing costs. We call this technology Communication Process Workflow and the facilities it offers are unique. Our technology has been continuously developing since 2008 and we estimate we lead our nearest competitive products by around five years.

More About Us

Our finance team is based near Cardiff, with research and development team near the Cambridge "Silicon Valley" in East Anglia, and sales across the UK and now in Southern Australia. We work and have clients across the UK and we develop, market, implement and support closely with a range of 3rd Sector software providers in order to offer integration and seamless support.

We are a Microsoft Partner and our software solutions are engineered using the latest Microsoft technologies with.NET and SQL. We partner with a wide range of business applications which is always growing to ensure our products integrate and co-exist with your current infrastructure.Deeplake is built on the principles of making quality products and providing reliable service. Our diversified product range continues to grow by following trends,improving our standard products, and listening to our customers. We are an equal opportunities employer, and following an Investors In People implementation programme to continuously improve quality.

We work within the Clearstream Technology Group of companies. Our growth exceeded 20% last year driven by mobile adoption, the need to ever increasing efficiency. Clearstream Technology operates data centre facilities and manages UK-wide data networks and network security.